Hannah Barry Law of Attraction Coach


I was so lucky to attend one of Hannah's workshop through The Female Creative's hub a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away by everything Hannah said and was blown away by her too to be honest! Hannah is a Law of Attraction Coach. She helps women find their purpose, change their mindset and helps them take tangible actions to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. I've heard of the Law of Attraction many times before, I read The Secret (also watched it on Netflix) but I found Hannah's approach really refreshing and practical. So here's my interview with Hannah and scroll down to the bottom to find out how you too can reach your full potential. 


Tell me a bit about you and your journey of how you got to where you are today. 

Hey, I'm Hannah, and I'm a Law of Attraction coach on a mission to help women who feel stuck in their lives to gain clarity, direction and take action towards reaching their dreams by using the Law of attraction. I love what I do and love seeing the transformation when working with women from feeling lost, stuck and riddled with limiting beliefs to becoming so clear of what they want and kissing goodbye to the bullsh*t stories they tell themselves that's holding them back.

But it hasn't always been that way!

Before becoming a coach, I was a primary teacher for 10 years. And I loved every second of it! I also started using The Law of Attraction in 2014 and suddenly started living my best life. From travelling the world, meditating with Buddhists in India, climbing base camp Everest, buying my first property and marrying my soul mate. I WAS LIVING MY DREAM LIFE! But something was still missing. I knew I wanted something to call my own, my own business, so I dug deeper than ever and did the inner work to find my passion and, most importantly, how to share it with other women. I decided to help women live a happy life full of purpose using what I knew best, the Law of Attraction.


What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

The biggest obstacle I have ever overcome was deciding to quit my 10-year teaching career to pursue my coaching business. I had many people who disagreed with my decision to give up my professional career and would remind me of the daily risks of becoming an entrepreneur. As a result, I would doubt my decision, and this would kickstart negative thoughts! It was a massive risk for me, especially being pregnant and about to start a family. But deep down, I knew there was no such thing as the 'perfect time', and pursuing my dream would never be something I would regret!

I still pinch myself from time to time in disbelief and so proud of taking the risk, regardless of the outcome! 


Why is empowering other women important for you?

I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by strong independent women in my family all my life. My Mother is my absolute hero and has been through so much in her life but shows strength every day in how she still sees the world so positively. She's always been so supportive of everything I do and even today is always encouraging me to follow my heart. To me, it is so inspiring and seeing her so strong has made me who I am today! I am only here doing what I'm doing due to women empowering me, so I know how important it is!

However, I know that not everyone is blessed to be surrounded by such support. I try my best to reach as many women as possible and let them know that you don't have to do it alone! There will always be a women-led community that's routing for your success. So go find them! 


What have you learnt most about yourself in the last year?

Suppose I had to choose 1 word to describe last years life lesson. It would be CHANGE! 

The last year has taught me that change is inevitable. We can't control what's happening around us, but we can control what's happening within us. This year has encouraged me to tap back into myself and refocus and realign my priorities. It's so easy to get attached to both positive and negative events in life. But true happiness is when you learn to accept change for what it is and not allow it to stir up within. 


How do you make sure to celebrate your wins? How do you pick yourself up when you're feeling demotivated?

TA-DA! The simplest thing I do each day to encourage my daily successes is call my To-Do list a Ta-Da list! Every time I achieve even the smallest thing off my list, I celebrate by singing Taaaa-Daaaa! Doing this reminds me to celebrate every bit of success.

In regards to motivation, I gave up relying on motivation a long time ago. Feeling demotivated is normal, and if we only ever do things when we feel motivated to do it, we'll end up putting things off for weeks. Instead, I try to break down my tasks into small steps and focus on making them achievable. My 'best' varies from day to day, and I've accepted that! Some days I'm smashing it. On those days, I milk it and try to do as many things as possible. On the days I'm not feeling it, I focus on what I can do by making my tasks more achievable. That is still me trying my best, which is always enough! 


How do you practice self love and self care?

I love self care! I love it all from messages, me time, spa days, meditating! It plays such a big part in my life. For me, I don't see it self care as a luxury. It's a necessity! When I give to myself, I've learned that I can give back so much more to others. I focus on keeping my cup full and overflowing so that I can give to others. I always like to think of the aeroplane poster about making sure you fix your mask in case of emergency before anyone else. You can't help anyone if you haven't helped yourself.


What would you tell yourself as a first time mum/teenager/child/in your 20s?

If I could have a conversation with my 20 Year old self, I would tell her to stop being determined by other people's opinion. You will never please everyone, and you don't need to change to make people like you. The people who appreciate you for who you are will stick around. As for the rest, they were never your people. Let them go!


Do you remember the first bit of jewellery you ever owned? Do you still have it or remember what happened to it? 

The first piece of jewellery I remember choosing as a birthday present from my best friends. I must have been around 10 at the time. It was from the Argos catalogue, and it was called the Mother of Pearl. It was a Chinese spiritual piece of jewellery that attracted luck and wealth to the owner. Thinking about it now, I suppose I have always been drawn to spirituality and attracting wishes into my life like the Law of attraction. 


If you don't yet own any Gem&I jewellery… if you could gift a piece of Gem&I jewellery to someone, who would it be and why?

I haven't had the pleasure to purchase Gem&I Jewellery yet. Russian post is awful. I am avoiding ordering anything until I'm back in the UK. However, I have my eye on Constellation Zodiac Necklace. I'm a proud Aquarius, and I love it that the necklace symbolises a part of who I am and what makes me me. I also love how dainty and beautiful it is!


If you feel a bit stuck in life and want to find your purpose using the law of attraction and goal setting strategies, click on the links below to start working with the wonderful Hannah.