3 Layers 14K Gold plated ring

Trinity 3 Layers 14K Gold plated ring

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Flawless Trinity 3 layers ring in 14k gold plate.

This stunning Trinity 3 layers ring features three rings intertwined to create a single band.

Bring mind, body, and soul together in this beautiful ring.
Wear it and use the power of three to help you manifest what you need and want from life. Imagine you already have it and ask the universe for it!

• 14k gold-plated stainless steel
• 3 rings interlinked to create one band
• One size, adjustable ring

The number three seems to have unique power for the human brain.
Our minds recognise groups of threes far more easily than groups of fours, research has shown.
There’s something built in to our psyche that tells us we love trinities – from hearing about three blind mice, three little pigs, and the three bears in nursery rhymes to many flags being made in three colours and the trinity of body, mind, and soul in many religions.
Tap into that and power up your life with our trinity ring!