925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconias
925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconias
925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconias
925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconias
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Constellation Zodiac Necklace - Choose your star sign - 925 Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconias

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Your awesome zodiac constellation necklace in Sterling silver.

You'll adore this charming silver zodiac constellation necklace with cubic zirconia stones.

You may not have the moon, but with our star sign necklace, you'll definitely have the stars! Wearing our zodiac jewellery plugs you into the universe and makes you feel connected - or it could be the perfect gift for someone you love.

• 925 Sterling silver and platinum-plated
• Sparkling cubic zirconia constellation stones
• Chain length: 40+5cm
• Adjustable chain

Wear this unique necklace in skin-flattering silver and you'll be wearing the stars every day.
Choose the zodiac constellation which corresponds to your horoscope and we’ll map it out in sparkling stones in our star sign necklace.
Feel connected to the universe and your star sign!

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Time to find your perfect match…

Aries: 21/03 – 19/04

If you’re an Aries, you’re a natural born leader.

This sign kicks off the zodiac wheel and Aries people are born in spring, the season of new life and new beginnings.

Aries people are positive, determined, and confident. No surprise, then, that your sign’s symbol is the ram. Nothing gets in the way of what you desire! Time to get your Aries necklace, ring, or earrings.

Taurus: 20/04 – 20/05

As a Taurean, you’re practical, grounded, and dependable, but you love a little touch of luxury like our sparkling Taurus necklace, earrings, or ring.

You love your home, family, and food…you enjoy dining and see good food as one of life’s greatest joys.

When it comes to getting what you want, you’re also more than a little stubborn, which is why your symbol is the bull...

Gemini: 21/05 – 20/06

If you’re a Gemini, you’ll love being the centre of attention.

You’ll have plenty of stories to share with friends and you’ll adore your time in the spotlight. Your symbol is the twins, meaning you can be many things to many different people.

So, you’ll opt for pieces which can be worn with many different outfits. Fabulous zodiac jewellery fits the bill perfectly.

Cancer: 21/06 – 22/07

Born under the sign of the crab, you’d think Cancerians would have a thick shell, wouldn’t you?

In fact, they’re highly sensitive and love beautiful things, just like our delightful star sign necklace, earrings, or ring.

They’re also fiercely loyal and caring, so if you make a Cancerian your friend, you have a friend for life!

Whether you’re a Cancerian or you’re making friends with one, now’s the time to choose some charming zodiac jewellery.

Leo: 23/07 – 22/08

Lions are said to be the ‘kings of the jungle’, and it’s no coincidence that they are the symbol of Leos.

You’re natural leaders who are vivacious, a little theatrical, and very regal.

So, you need to wear clothes befitting your royal station! Classy zodiac jewellery is the perfect way to finish off your outfits.

So, your royal highness, isn’t it high time you ordered yours?

Virgo: 23/08 – 22/09

Virgos are logical, practical, systematic, and hard working.

All that combines to make them one of the most successful signs of the zodiac.

Details are important to Virgos, too, and they like things to be perfect. So, Virgos will choose jewellery which complements their clothes and looks beautiful, just like our brilliant star sign necklace, earrings, or ring.

Libra: 23/09 – 22/10

Librans are the diplomats of the zodiac, people who are tactful and natural peacemakers.

They’re sociable, clever, and always want to look on the bright side of things.

So, when it comes to choosing jewellery, they like cheerful, charming pieces which complement their outfits and act as ice breakers in conversations.

That’s why our amazing star sign necklace, earrings, and ring gets the balance just right for them.

If you’re a Libran, the scales say it’s the perfect time to choose your charming zodiac pendant.

Scorpio: 23/10 – 21/11

An intense, passionate, and sensual star sign, Scorpios are appealing for so many reasons!

They’re intelligent, intuitive, and resourceful, but they also have a vulnerable side.

The perfect item of Scorpio jewelry would help get them noticed by someone they’re interested in and become a conversation starter.

Wearing our charming and unique zodiac pendant, earrings, or ring ticks all those boxes.

Sagittarius: 22/11 – 21/12

If you’re not a stand-up comedian or a sit-com star, Sagittarius, you should be!

Few star signs can hold their own with your hilarious conversation and side-splitting tales. You love to party, and you love it when everyone’s having a great time.

You need that special piece of jewellery which is uniquely yours, something everyone will remember after you’ve left the room. Our delightful star sign necklace is the perfect co-star for you.

It’s time to get your unique zodiac pendant, ring, or earrings. That’ll keep everyone smiling!

Capricorn: 22/12 – 19/01

Capricorns are the hardest working star sign in the zodiac.

People born under this sign are pragmatic, ambitious, and disciplined. They know they need to go out and make their dreams come true.

When it comes to their dream piece of jewellery, Capricorns love something classy, timeless, and down to earth, just like our beautifully simple star sign necklace.

If you’re born under this sign, it’s time to treat yourself to our unique zodiac pendant, earrings, or ring. You’re so worth it!

Aquarius: 20/01 – 18/02

If you see someone with an off-beat sense of fashion, an unusual hobby, or someone who doesn’t like to conform, you may well have come across an Aquarius.

They do things their own way and make up their own mind, and they don’t like to be tied down.

Having a piece of jewellery which connects them to the stars, like our star sign necklace, earrings, or ring, gives them the sense of freedom they crave.

If you’re a natural-born rebel and an Aquarius, maybe it’s time to plug yourself in to the universe!

Pisces: 19/02 – 20/03

Creative, emotional, empathetic, loyal, and compassionate. That’s a great description of a Pisces, someone who is so generous they’ll always be there with a helping hand.

They’re romantic, too, so prepare to be swept off your feet!

They often forget about themselves, so if you have a lovable Pisces in your life, treat them to a surprise star sign necklace and watch them get all emotional!

If you’re a Pisces, it’s time to treat yourself to our unique zodiac pendant, ring, or earrings. You really do deserve it!