About Gem&I

About Gem&I Jewellery
Designed with love. Consciously created. Tell your story.
We understand that each of us is on our own journey. 
We believe the jewellery we choose to wear should help celebrate who we are and help to tell your story. 
We pour our heart and soul into our collection and want you to wear our jewellery not only because it looks great, but because you want to be part of our growing community. 
At Gem&I we hope you’ll be part of our story and we can’t wait to be part of yours.
About me 
I’m Sarah, Mother, Star Gazer, Creative and Founder of Gem&I.
I’ve been on my own journey and I recognise that as we grow and evolve significant
changes can happen. So, I started Gem&I with two reasons in mind…
I’ve always seen jewellery as a way of marking a new chapter, the beginning or
maybe the end of something. Either way I wanted to create something beautiful to
help remember or celebrate that fact.
Most importantly I see jewellery as a way of celebrating you, who you are and how
you choose to show up. The jewellery we wear tells a story and I’m so grateful to be
part of yours.

I’d love to see you wearing your jewellery and play your part in our growing community so please tag @gemandijewelleryuk #gemandiuk in your photos.

Thanks again for being part of our story, I already can’t wait to be a part of yours.


Sarah X