Hi gorgeous!  

It makes me so happy that you love my brand so much that you are thinking of joining my team of ambassadors. I really value you as a customer and what you have to say about Gem&I. I know that a good word from you goes a long way. If you believe in my mission to empower everyone who touches Gem&I products, if you love the beauty, quality, functionality or simply want to be part of our community than I think YOU may be the perfect brand ambassador.  

My ambassador programme is for women who genuinely love my products and want to share that love with their friends, family, and followers. I've created this to highlight real women and celebrate our members and potentially be featured over time on our social platforms, email and website. I will continue to be creative and think of fun ways to highlight and reward my ambassadors. I want us to have a meaningful long-term partnership that benefits both of us.

What are the perks of a Gem&I Ambassador? 

-Discount for yourself and your followers.

-Monthly report of sales with % of sales in cash reward. 

-Potential opportunity to be featured on Gem&I social media platforms. 


Responsibilities of a Gem&I Ambassadors:

-Regularly participate in our fun social campaigns 

-Create photo and video content of you and your Gem&I products

-Share your experiences as a Gem&I customer

-Provide insightful feedback to Gem&I regarding opportunities to expand brand presence and sales 


For more info, get in touch at


*Gem&I is not required to offer every campaign to all Ambassadors every time a campaign is released. Campaigns will be released as needed and in a way that is manageable for us. Programme may change at any time.