Gold plated Minimalist Coin Necklace

"C'est la vie" 14k Gold plated Necklace

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Tempted by this "C'est la vie" necklace in 14k gold?

Our brilliant "C'est la vie" necklace is the jewellery equivalent of that famous Gallic shrug which every French person has in their arsenal. That's life!

This is the perfect necklace for anyone who sees the funny side of life's ups and downs. Show your wry sense of humour and dress up any outfit with this classic gold necklace.

• 14k gold-plated brass
• Chain length 40+5cm
• Cubic zirconia stones

When Cinderella lost her glass slipper and her coach turned back into her pumpkin, she probably said: "C'est la vie!" After all, she was French! It's a wonderful expression which helps us get over our minor disappointments with good grace. One thing's for sure, though, you won't be disappointed with our C'est la vie necklace. Order yours today!