Oracle 14k gold plated crescent earrings - Silver

Oracle 14k gold plated crescent earrings - Silver

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Captivating Oracle crescent moon earrings in 14k white gold.

Our delightful Oracle crescent moon earrings have delicate detailing - the ideal gift for anyone who wants to be connected to the universe!

Add these wonderful crescent moon earrings to your jewellery collection and feel connected to the moon and all its phases. A stylish option to complete so many outfits, too!

• 14k white gold-plated stainless steel
• Crescent moon shape
• Delicate detailing

The moon governs so much of our lives, from the tides to some of the world’s most important holidays such as Easter and Eid.
We’re endlessly fascinated by its phases, from full moon and quarter moon to crescent and new moon.
So, it’s not surprising that many of us feel connected to it.
Our crescent moon earrings will help you tap into that lunar energy!
Grab yours today…