14k gold plated earrings

Rainbow crescent twist 14k gold plated earrings

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Delightful rainbow crescent twist earrings in 14k gold.

These wonderful rainbow crescent twist earrings are one of life's little joys! They're an ideal gift for people who like to look on the bright side.

Carefully crafted with love, these rainbow crescent twist earrings have an important message: There is hope after difficult times, and we can find joy after sadness. That's the feeling when we see a rainbow, isn’t it?

• 14k gold-plated stainless steel
• Drop hoops
• Twist detail
• Rainbow cubic zirconia

What causes a rainbow? It’s the effect of light entering a water droplet, slowing down, and bending as it moves from the air into the denser water.
The light splits into its component wavelengths, or colours.
The science may sound every day, but every time we see a rainbow it’s still a magical experience.
Order our earrings and add some rainbow joy to your life today!